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My name is Andrea Gausman (and this is me and Pat in a “drama pose”).

Patrick Rothfuss and the Name of the Wind are the first time in my life I’ve ever liked an author or a book enough to declare I had a favorite of either. I discovered his work when I followed George RR Martin’s link to the Jaime vs. Kvothe cage match, with every intention of voting for Jaime. Instead, I walked away from it with a burning desire to know more about the amazing short the other author (Pat) had written. So it’s fitting that I like to focus so much of my analysis on his Apocrypha.

I love writing- for both incarnations of the Warhammer 40K RPG’s  professionally, and short stories as a hobby. I live with my  husband and our two hundred thousand points of miniatures in Georgia, just down the road from where the Marvel movies are filmed.

I am on facebook, but the best way to reach me is by email:
(I suggest you put chandrian or chaen-dian as part of the subject line; this will ensure your message doesn’t get caught in my spam filter.)