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What all is in the Third Silence…?

Much has been said in reddit already about the idea that the Waystone Inn is a trap. A lot of it is due to the prologue to DOS that Pat shared a while back. I am bought into this idea 100%, with the copper locks and grey stone foundations.

Both those things are referenced as being a part of the third silence. It got me thinking that the third silence then is the part that relates to the trap. So I decided to compile a list of everything that’s said to be in the third silence across the 2 books and the DOS prologue. Things that seem to be repetitions of the same idea are indented together:


Stones- in art and words

I admit it, the last art post (Bast) doesn’t contribute much to any theory-crafting, but it was a nice way to return to KKC!

This one however gets back to it.
Below are three pictures of the archives. (I’ve posted the first one before.)


“official” Art of Bast

Before my husband fell ill, I had gathered a bunch of scans & art to use for a series of posts, but unfortunately after 4 years I don’t remember a lot of my threads of thought. As I try to put …well everything… back together, I do remember some of it had to do with comparing images of different subjects.

Like many, I have a soft (slightly swoony) spot for Bast. So I’ll start there. Here are all the images of Bast I am aware of that Patrick Rothfuss had input into.

Pairs Faen deck by Nate Taylor

The Trebon Vase

In the last couple years there has been a bunch of new material to include in our analysis, particularly the new playing card decks by Echo Chernick, and the Call to Adventure game cards.

Far and away, the most exciting thing to me is ‘official’ art of the Chandrian vase from Trebon.


The Adem Chandrian poem in Japanese (and French)- part 1

Volumes 4-7 of The Wise Man’s Fear in Japanese are here!!!

I am so excited!!
Standard disclaimer: my French and Japanese are fair, but not native speaker-level. So my interpretation may not be perfect.

There are a few small nuggets (which led me to fairly tinfoil kind of theory) in the second version of the Lackless poem, but need to figure out how to weave that in with the post of already done on that topic, so let’s hit the big one first: The Adem’s poem about the Chandrian at the end of chapter 128!  This post covers the first three lines, Cyphus, Stercus, and Ferule. See part 2 for Usnea through the rest. (more…)

Denna’s Letter in Japanese-Follow-Up

So a few days ago I posted the raw text of Denna’s letter from The Wise Man’s Fear for reddit user Khaleesi75, who was analyzing the odd capitalization seen in the English version. I have to say when I compared it to the French (which really needs no further commentary and anyone can just pop into Google translate if they want), and the Japanese I’d say it’s pretty clear that there is definitely SOME kind of hidden code in here. (more…)

Fae and Cold Iron

In the KKC subreddit, I previously asked my fellow arcanists if they had any good guesses as to why iron hurts the Fae- from an in- world perspective. Patrick Rothfuss is too good of a storyteller to rely solely on the reasoning that this is common in our modern day mythology. In fact, one of the reasons I’m so interested in it is because I suspect it is somewhere where he is using our assumptions against us. There isn’t even a strong “nature versus civilization” dynamic between the Fae and the human occupants of Temerant, which is supposedly the origin of this trope in our real world mythology. The origin of the Fae is critical to the entire mysterious history of Temerant- it was the making of the Fae and the Faen realm that was at the crux of the Creation War after all. It puzzles me twice as much when you consider the contradiction of the Iron Rook, which is a fairy creature made of iron. (more…)

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