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The Adem Chandrian poem in Japanese (and French)- part 1

Volumes 4-7 of The Wise Man’s Fear in Japanese are here!!!

I am so excited!!
Standard disclaimer: my French and Japanese are fair, but not native speaker-level. So my interpretation may not be perfect.

There are a few small nuggets (which led me to fairly tinfoil kind of theory) in the second version of the Lackless poem, but need to figure out how to weave that in with the post of already done on that topic, so let’s hit the big one first: The Adem’s poem about the Chandrian at the end of chapter 128!  This post covers the first three lines, Cyphus, Stercus, and Ferule. See part 2 for Usnea through the rest. (more…)

Master Lorren

I was inspired to write this post because it’s about the first Kingkiller Chronicles theory I ever came up with. It was the gateway thought that led to my obsessive re-reading. It is something that as I have become more of a KKC lore nerd, seems so much like obvious fact that I felt it was redundant to make a post about it.   (more…)

The Burning Wheel: the Parts

Everything in Patrick Rothfuss’s amazing world is so interconnected that I am often challenged to break any subject down into a something less than novella-sized.  Everything is a fascinating rabbit hole that I want to dive down immediately! Alas, that gets confusing quickly, so today I’m going to try to put a box around some observations on NOTW Chapter  23, The Burning Wheel, so that I can use them in future analysis.  It is well known that KKC is “a story about stories.” And something that has always stuck with me is WMF Chapter 107 where Kvothe is telling his story of Felurian and he says he “borrowed a little from Taborlin the Great.” (more…)

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