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The Adem Chandrian poem in Japanese (and French)- part 1

Volumes 4-7 of The Wise Man’s Fear in Japanese are here!!!

I am so excited!!
Standard disclaimer: my French and Japanese are fair, but not native speaker-level. So my interpretation may not be perfect.

There are a few small nuggets (which led me to fairly tinfoil kind of theory) in the second version of the Lackless poem, but need to figure out how to weave that in with the post of already done on that topic, so let’s hit the big one first: The Adem’s poem about the Chandrian at the end of chapter 128!  This post covers the first three lines, Cyphus, Stercus, and Ferule. See part 2 for Usnea through the rest. (more…)

Denna’s Letter in Japanese-Follow-Up

So a few days ago I posted the raw text of Denna’s letter from The Wise Man’s Fear for reddit user Khaleesi75, who was analyzing the odd capitalization seen in the English version. I have to say when I compared it to the French (which really needs no further commentary and anyone can just pop into Google translate if they want), and the Japanese I’d say it’s pretty clear that there is definitely SOME kind of hidden code in here. (more…)

Insights from Language: Lackless Rhyme, part 1

Being a devoted wordsmith, it is not surprising that Patrick Rothfuss pays special attention to how his books are translated, as he discusses sometimes on his blog. While English is my first language, I have some competency in Japanese and French. I have both Japanese editions of NOTW (same text, just different covers), and have recently acquired the French versions of both NOTW and WMF . (WMF is not out in Japanese.) Being the obsessed fan that I am, I have started to look at some things across these language versions of the books. (more…)