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Every Mention of the Chandrian’s Signs

As input into a future post, here is a Tally of the different signs (or possible signs), however offhand or silly, associated with the Chandrian.
(Because remember… if you look at enough grandchildren, you can determine the eye color of the grandmother.)

Note: I have reason to think the “lightning from a clear blue sky” simile may be more relevant than it first appears. So I am counting that too. Abbreviated: LFCBS. Where the text specifically names the Chandrian in question, I have the name in [brackets]

  • NOTW pg3 : blue fire
  • NOTW pg26-28: blue fire, black eyes, faceless
  • NOTW pg 81:LFCBS
  • NOTW pg 82: goat eyes; no eyes; black eyes; plants die; decay, rust
  • NOTW pg 83: Animals going mad, cold to touch; fires don’t burn; yoked to shadow; shadow-hamed
  • NOTW pg 114: blue flame; decay; rust; cold, winter pale, black/goat eyes [Ferula/Cinder]
  • NOTW pg 115: Covered in shadow, especially face [Haliax]
  • NOTW pg 180: Face always in shadow [Haliax]
  • NOTW pg 485 (and throughout Trebon): blue fire
  • NOTW pg 518- 520: decay
  • NOTW pg 520: blue fire, decay, rust
  • NOWT pg 521: pale woman, silent ; hidden and much sought- like a rainbow
  • NOTW pg 594: broken sword [woman]; dead tree [man]; bit by dog [man]; black eyes
  • NOTW pg 595: No face, mirror, moons; naked woman
  • WMF pg 128: souring milk; blue flame; rot and rust; chill in the air; thunder, darkening of moon; rainbows
  • WMF pg 129: LFCBS
  • WMF pg 137: sour wine;crops withering; storms; miscarriage; sun going dark
  • WMF pg 267: black eyes+ standing in water + snow + bare tree
  • WMF pg 267: faceless + moons + shadow candle
  • WMF 884: Blue flame [Cyphus]; thrall of iron [Stercus]; chill and dark of eye [Ferule aka Cinder]; decay [Usnea]; silent, grey [Dalcenti]; blight and pale [Alenta]; shadow’s hame [Alaxel]

So if we categorize these just a little bit, we get the following chart:
(To try to keep this somewhat brief, using N for Name of the Wind, and F for Wise Man’s Fear.)

The names in the identity column all come from either Kvothe’s first-hand account when his Troupe was killed, or the Adem’s carefully tended lore.
The “Reliable” column indicates whether the row has at least one source which is not likely to have been jumbled by thousands of years of story-telling. (Namely, it comes from either Kvothe’s encounter, the Adem’s lore, or the pot from Trebon.)

In my next post, I’ll combine this with the Commonwealth Pairs Calamity cards, and I think the output is a pretty compelling case for each Chandrian’s sign.

  • joseph   /   April 16, 2018., 2:41 pmReply

    You should do a language analysis of this poem: Cyphus bears the blue flame. Stercus is in thrall of iron. Ferule chill and dark of eye. Usnea lives in nothing but decay. Grey Dalcenti never speaks. Pale Alenta brings the blight. Last there is the lord of seven: Hated. Hopeless. Sleepless. Sane. Alaxel bears the shadow’s hame.

    • aethel   /   April 16, 2018., 3:53 pmReply

      I really really want to! But I'd only have the French because WMF isn't out in Japanese yet. :(