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Temerant Months in Japanese

Since I did the days, Figured I might as well do the months too.


四旬間をまとめて「月」とする 。
Four junkan together make a month.*
One month = 44 days. One year is composed of the following eight months plus seven days. One year = 359 days.
(*The Japanese character for month is also the character for moon. Its use here is probably just because it is the best translation of month, and not because the moon is actually related to months in Temerant.)

*The book’s native language is English. This list is taken from the German edition. Some of these names have never appeared in the English edition, but many have. So we can assume the rest correspond to the English.
1) Can also mean strong emotions more broadly, e.g. both joy and sorrow
2) Fallow land is idle land, and this kanji plus the kanji for earth means fallow land.