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True Dungeon in Temerant- Dancing Among Stones

This is the second of two posts about interesting KKC facts found in the True Dungeon 2017 modules for the Kingkiller-themed adventures. (Post 1 is here, and contains more background on the context of these adventures.)

There were a total of 9 rooms in this adventure, although some rooms are only seen if you do a certain type of run (puzzle vs. combat). This post focuses strictly on the possible Kingkiller lore revealed by the module, it is not meant to be a replacement for running or reading the module yourself.

Room 1- The Lightning Tree
This room was “a dark rural setting” with a “bleached-white dead tree trunk that stands in the corner, and its top appears to be burnt as if it was struck by lightning.” Bast was here, and after solving a puzzle, he said he would show us to a Waystone.

Room 2- The Storeroom
This room is the basement of the Waystone Inn. Bast explained that “there are some special torches in the storeroom beneath the inn which the party needs to keep the Fae creatures from attacking them in the woods.” The room contained wine barrels, a bloodless hanging from the wall, and oh yes- black scrael.  According to the module, Scrael are both Fae and Constructs. They had an additional rule which the Fae in the first module did not: Above and beyond taking extra damage from iron, they also took half damage from any weapon that was not iron. (Spells did normal damage.)

Room 3- The Workshop
A puzzle room. It involved arranging the following objects: Sipquick Essence Node, Plum Bob Antidote, Roah Wood Pellets, Lodenstone, Silphium, Silver Pellets, Nahlrout, Willow Bark, Copper Pellets, Iron Pellets, Shade Stone, Binder’s Chill Antidote, Iron Rook Rivet, Kinetic Absorption Node, Bone-tar Neutralizer.  Of particular note was that according to the module the Roah Wood Pellets smelled like lemon.

Room 4A- The Red Ones
Combat room. Setting: outdoors in a Newarre alley. This fight involved Red Scrael that that grabbed onto people’s backs. The scrael did damage to the person they were on every round, and the victim was somewhat distracted by its presence. The Red Scrael had the same Fae, Construct, and half damage rules as the black scrael.

Room 4B- Blacksmith
Setting: A Blacksmith’s shop. This was a puzzle room that involves fixing a blacksmith’s forge that  had been augmented with Sygaldry.

Room 5- The Map
This took place in a Tehlin church. There was a robed Tehlin priest wearing the Iron wheel. He needed help opening a map puzzle. “This map represents the six-day journey that Tehlu undertook to chase down and finally capture Encanis –the foulest of demons.” The image for the most correct puzzle solution is below. True Dungeon staff have told us that Pat deliberately had little to do with the puzzles so that he could play the adventure. Given that and the fact that none of these city names match the books, it is highly likely this map should be considered completely non-canon.
(as Pat would say, click to embiggen.)

Room 6- The Extinguisher
This was an outdoor combat room. The enemy was a Draccus. It was attracted to and resistant to fire.  “In case players ask, the Draccus is not a dragon, so tokens with some kind of anti-dragon effect will not be triggered.”

Room 7A- The Queen
This was a combat outdoors. The enemies were Black, Red, and a White Scrael. All of the same Fae, construct, and half damage rules. Additionally about the white one: “She is a queen White Scrael, and she is the source of all those scrael you have faced on your adventure.” The White Scrael could shoot webs. She could also throw Scrael eggs described as “a stone-like object that is comparable to a small catapult stone.”

Room 7B- The Stones
This was a puzzle room in a large clearing. “A circle of single Waystones dominate the center of the room, and there is a gateway of sorts (made out of two vertical and one horizontal stones).” The room also contained an NPC “named Monfort. He has traveled from afar to study this particular set of Waystones as very few circles remain intact.”   He had this interesting bit of dialog: “You stand before one of the few intact set of Waystones left in this part of the world, so… you can use them to escape the approaching demon horde. I am a Namer who knows the name of Stone, and very shortly I will awaken these stones and tell them to do the one thing activates the Waystone magic. I will tell them to dance!”

And just because I have no better place to put them, here are photos of most of the interesting Temerant-themed tokens.
(as Pat would say, click to embiggen.)