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Unpacking Kvothe’s dream in Chapter 18

In Chapter 18 of Name of the Wind, Kvothe has a dream.  He tells us when he wakes that it is a dream of two parts. “I thought very little of the other matter of the dream. Ben had never taught me sailors’ knots. My father had never finished his song.”  He didn’t want to think about the second part, but as readers we should.  These few paragraphs are absolutely stuffed with multiple layers of imagery we know to be very important to the story.  But even more, I believe this short sequence… is the story. It is the author and Kvothe’s sleeping mind telling us what is to come. (more…)

Hints in the Pairs Noble Card

I was re-reading the Cthaeh scene yesterday and musing on the idea someone once posted (I think it was in the Kingkiller facebook group) that the red and gold butterflies represented the Calenthis line. Then I also considered some recent art examination I’d been doing.

As Pat would say, “click to embiggen”