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Signs- Thrall of Iron- Possibility 2

So, this is the fourth post in a sequence that started with analyzing every Rothfuss-blessed mention of the Chandrian’s signs. In the original post, I deemed three sources of information “reliable” within the narrative:

  • Kvothe’s firsthand encounter
  • The Trebon pot (although I did posit that not every piece of imagery was a on it was a “sign”)
  • The Adem’s rhyme from Wise Man’s Fear

However, reliable does not mean perfect.  (more…)

Every Mention of the Chandrian’s Signs

As input into a future post, here is a Tally of the different signs (or possible signs), however offhand or silly, associated with the Chandrian.
(Because remember… if you look at enough grandchildren, you can determine the eye color of the grandmother.)


Hints in the Pairs Noble Card

I was re-reading the Cthaeh scene yesterday and musing on the idea someone once posted (I think it was in the Kingkiller facebook group) that the red and gold butterflies represented the Calenthis line. Then I also considered some recent art examination I’d been doing.

As Pat would say, “click to embiggen”


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